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Accra Basketball league – Men div 1 playoffs beckon

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The first round of the Accra Basketball League is now officially in the books. The Playoffs match ups are now set and ready to commence on the 30th of September although there is some credible unconfirmed news that the playoffs will start a week later to accommodate the Peace Games.

Braves will take on Rangers in the first round of the Playoffs. In the League, Braves won this match up easily (100 – 36).

Tema Youth versus should be more exciting. Dynamics are indeed in a sense the ‘new Tema Youth’. They are a well-coached set of young boys with lots of energy and passion for the game. Tema Youth won this game in the first round but it is no secret that they have players who cannot or do not show up at every game. Their inconsistency may be their Achilles heel in this match up.

The Magic versus Reformers match up promises to be another thriller. Although Magic won the league match up, on paper, Reformers have a more experienced team.

Navy won their first round match against Fire Service up by only 2 points. The 4th and 5th seed matchup is a definite must watch. However it seems that the Fire team after beating Reformers by a point last week have their confidence back and are likely to win this relatively easily.


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